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Our RN Care Management Service is designed for:

  • Individuals with little or no family support
  • Family members who are newly involved who need guidance, direction and coordination assistance with available care services
  • Individuals with multiple medical or psychological issues needing professional advocacy
  • Discharge planning from hospitals and other facilities
  • Individuals needing comprehensive coordination and oversight of home health care services
  • Medication management
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia intervention
  • Relocation service and coordination
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Grief and crisis counseling
  • Bill paying assistance and coordination
  • Evaluating long–term care insurance policies and benefit entitlement
  • Transportation from hospital or for daily routines
  • The need for assistance with personal shopping
  • Exploring alternatives to Guardianship
  • Hurricane planning, evacuation and support

Our RN Care Managers

Comprehensive Assessment

The RN Care Manager will complete an on-site evaluation to determine current, as well as future, needs. The care manager considers health, medical needs, functional capacity and limitation, psycho-social and cognitive abilities, along with environmental and safety needs. After the assessment, a comprehensive written plan of action is created that outlines recommendations, goals and recommendations.

Care Coordination and Monitoring

The RN Care Manager implements and coordinates any needed services that have been created to maintain the patient’s health and personal needs while fostering independence. Ongoing monitoring allows the care manager to build a relationship with the patient. These relationships create a trust that encourages the client to feel more secure, minimizing feelings of isolation and loneliness that can sometimes lead to a depressive state.

Our care manager can also coordinate medical supplies and equipment, verify and monitor medications, attend doctors’ appointments, and arrange any necessary home care services.

One of the most important services of the care manager is that of consulting and counseling family members. In many cases, the family is geographically removed from direct contact with a loved one. The stress of constant worry and angst on the part of the family members can be devastating. Ongoing monitoring and communication regarding a loved one’s care and condition make having a quality, trusting and compassionate care manager an invaluable asset.

Placement Assistance

Should the client require long-term placement, the care manager will explore all appropriate options with regard to independent retirement, assisted living or skilled care. The care manager can be available to tour recommended facilities with the client and/or family members. The care manager can assist in evaluating payment options and exploring benefits that fit the specific needs of the client, as well navigating the maze of paperwork to make the transition as smooth as possible.